An open letter to the prodigal daughter who is tired of striving and just wants to come home

An open letter to the prodigal daughter who is tired of striving and just wants to come home


Dear Sister,

I know your heart is breaking. I know you are tired. Please come home.

I know life is more than you can stand and that you have made decisions that the enemy uses against you to make you feel unworthy of God’s precious grace and mercy but please remember you are his and he just wants you to come home.

He doesn’t want you to take a bath first, he just want you to get out the pig sty and come home. He been there the whole time, missing you, wishing you were there but not willing to step on your freewill. He is waiting on you. All you have to do is come home. The ring is yours. The robe is yours. He’s ready to kill the fatted calf just for you. All he has is for you. He loves you so much and just wants you to come home.

His arms are wide open for you. His heart is for you. Let him embrace you. Let him welcome you. Let him love on you. Come home.

You can’t work your way home as a hired hand, he would have you as no less than his beloved daughter. You can’t do anything to make him welcome you. You’re already welcome. You can’t earn his love, it’s so freely given. You’re never too dirty, too broken, too far away to come home. He wants you just like you are. Rest in his love and sufficient grace and come as you are.

Have you wandered so long my precious Sister that you don’t remember how to get home? Have you taken so many twists and turns in your meandering from home that you feel like you’ve lost your way? Oh sweet Sister, the road home is so much shorter than you think. It’s only the distance from your knees to the floor. The distance from your head to your heart. And the only obstacle you’ll find on the road home is your own pride.

Please just give up fighting and trying to do it your own way; it isn’t working. Please just drop in surrender and be fed and welcomed home.

You have to be tired of striving so please stop and just let our Father’s love have it’s way in your heart! Let him do the grunt work. Let him clean you up. Let him refresh and renew you. And please just let yourself be loved. He looked at the world and chose to put you in it. He wants you. He loves you. You’re not just a face in the crowd. You’re his beloved daughter and he just wants you to come home.

I love you always, my dear Sister,


2 thoughts on “An open letter to the prodigal daughter who is tired of striving and just wants to come home

  1. This was a beautiful letter written to all of our lost and wandering sisters. My hope is that God will use this letter to call them home. Beautiful!

    1. That’s my hope too Tina!!! I just want to gather all the ladies who think they’ve done too much or they’re too far gone and let them know they’re not!!! It’s a short road home. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get the house straightened up but our Father is so good at cleaning house. I have the hallelujah story to prove it!!

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