How to start a bullet journal

How to start a bullet journal

Do you ever feel like you have 47,000 thoughts running through your head at any given moment? Do you ever feel like if you don’t stop and do something right away you’ll forget it? Do you ever feel like your mind is so cluttered that your brain will explode?

If you answered YASSSSSSSSS!!! to any of these, you need to start a bullet journal.
Bullet journaling is the
solution for mental clutter.

Why bullet journal?

Us women tend to pride ourselves on our ability to multi-task and get things done but having too much on the mental to-do list is super stressful and overwhelming.

Part of that comes from simply trying to keep it all straight in our heads.

Bullet journaling gets all of our mental clutter down on paper. Writing all these thoughts down gets them out of our heads and on to something tangible, something we can set aside and come back to later.
It allows us to keep all the things we need to remember in one place.

Things like:

  • sermon notes
  • diary thoughts
  • prayer lists
  • bible study notes
  • menus
  • to-do lists

Anything you want to remember, write it in your bullet journal!! You can even add planner pages to it.

You can jot down quick notes or pen full pages of thoughts. 
You can even use pages of it like a scrapbook.
The most important thing to remember with your bullet journal is your table of contents and page numbers.

This is how all those thoughts stay organized. When you start your journal, dedicate the first 2 or 3 pages (depending on the size of your notebook) to being your table of contents. Then go through the notebook and number your pages. After you’ve finished recording your thoughts, simply go to your table of contents and make a short note about what you put on that page(s).

Please forgive my pitiful lighting and hand writing

You can see in my table of contents kind of what I use mine for.

One of the coolest things you can do though is customize it however you want!!

Y’all there’s tons of fun free printables on Pinterest that you can download and use or you can just buy a plain $1 notebook. You can use pretty, fancy pens or just a standard run of the mill ink pen. I use a cheap, 1 subject notebook from Walmart and my favorite, fine point RSVP pen. I do have a cute roll of washi tape that I use to tape things to the pages like church bulletins, prayer cards, and notes I jotted down on a smaller piece of paper but still want to keep with everything else.
Don’t get too caught up in making it pretty

You can be as plain or as artsy as you want with your bullet journal but fancy isn’t a must. If that’s your thing, go for it, but if you just want to declutter your mind and organize all of your thoughts and things you need to remember in one place, all you really need is a plain notebook and an ink pen.
I really can’t recommend bullet journaling enough. It’s a total mind saver!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think!!
Love always, 

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  1. Thank you, pinning! I just started my bullet journal…your right with all of my ideas, tasks and interests it seems like a good fit for me. I am trying to stick with it, so far so good! 🙂

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