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Why I adore At&t

Y’all it’s not often that I post about a company. Especially not one the size of AT&T but this is one of those times that I feel the need to.

Just so you know, I am not being compensated in any shape, form, or fashion for this post and I am in no way affiliated with AT&T other than being a customer so this opinion is really mine. 

Well now that that is out of the way, can I have your undivided attention for a moment? 
Thanks!!! Let the bragging commence.
It’s very rare that I have a bad customer service experience. It’s almost as rare that I have an outstanding customer service experience. Most of the time it is a tolerable experience with somewhat pleasant people. However, I have found AT&T to consistently offer superior customer service!!! Y’all I’m not even kidding!! These people will bend over backwards to make customers happy and they’re even happy to do it!!! 
Everyone I have encountered, from the associates in the store to the customer service reps on the phone, to the techs have been super nice and helpful and they have went out of their way to accommodate and meet the needs I have brought to them. I really can’t speak highly enough of AT&T. 
So if you are in my area and looking for phone, internet, or satellite service, go to the store near Home Depot and see Megan or Amanda.
I also want to give a shout out to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Thomas, Lenora, and Brendan specifically…especially Lenora. She doesn’t know it but her level of service and what she accomplished for me gave me hope and helped to realize that I’ve been given a second chance to work hard towards my hearts desire. I can honestly say that these 4 people provided me with one of the absolute best customer service experiences I have ever had. They are fantastic and AT&T, if you read this…I don’t care how much you are paying these 4 people, it’s not enough. These employees are priceless gems. Hang on to them.  

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