Remembering the Sabbath Day

Remembering the Sabbath Day

The gifts of God are many but one of the most precious ones is the command to rest.

Exodus 20:8 tells us to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. 
Exodus 34:21 tells us that we are to work for 6 days and then rest on the 7th.
Can I get an Amen?!?!?!?

I recently became self-employed and let me just tell ya, the work never ends. I could literally work all day long. I am now an office manager, accountant, R&D, designer, sales rep, PR, purchaser, and staff!!! 
Thank God for my dear husband being willing to help. Working from home isn’t the breeze I thought it was going to be but I do love it. 
Here’s the thing about working from home though: it’s hard to get a day off. I mean your work is literally staring you in the face!! All day!! Well, mine is anyway since my whole house is a design/workshop.
For the past few Sundays, I have thought about what a blessing honoring the Sabbath is.
For a long time, I worked on Sundays. There have been times when I worked 30 – 40 days straight. When I waited tables, it wasn’t uncommon at all. But here’s the thing – that’s a recipe for burnout. 
God has made provision to keep us from being burned out and that provision is the Sabbath!!
I know that some denominations observe the Sabbath on Sunday and some on Saturday but either way, observe it. It is such a gift!!!
God wants us to set apart that day as a Holy day. A day for worship and praise, but also for rest. 
That’s right y’all. God loves us so much, He wants us to rest!! 
For someone who works from home and could literally work all the time, I am so thankful I have a God appointed “day off.” 
Clothes need to be washed? To bad, it’s Sunday.
Signs need to be made? Not today!!
Yard needs to be mowed? Car needs to be washed? Not happening.
My ox better be in serious trouble for me to lose my day off. 
The Hebrew word Sabbath (or Shabbat) literally means to cease working!! Thank you Lord!!
My favorite thing to do on Sunday now is to go to church, waste time on Pinterest looking at things that have absolutely nothing to do with my businesses, nap, go to choir practice, evening church service, watch Netflix (usually Fixer Upper), go to bed. My day is literally worship, rest, repeat and it is WONDERFUL!!! 
I have went from thinking “I can’t work on Sundays” to “Thank God He gave me a day off” because you know what? I am tired. And He knows we get tired. He knows we need rest and he loves us SO MUCH that He gave us a chill day so instead of working on that day, chill. Seriously. Just worship and rest. 

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