More fall freebies!!!

I am so glad fall is right around the corner. I have a post coming later on this week on how to create a free fire pit to enjoy on these coming crisp, autumn  night but for now, I have once again spent my lunch hour nurturing my creative side so
I come baring gifts!!! Feel free to share with all of your fall loving friends so that all may enjoy the splendor of God’s beauty that can only be seen in the fall.

I hope these bring a little extra joy to your day and as always, remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Hey y'all, I'm Heather!!! I'm a sassy, southern Jesus lover who is on a journey of faith and wellness. I love nature, mason jars, sackcloth quilts, flannel, and coffee. I love to make wooden signs, read, and decorate. I workout because I have to. My hashtag should be #iwouldratherbesleeping.

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