Champion On A Mission

Friends, if I ever have a post go viral, I hope it’s this one. This guy has an amazing story!!! It is my honest and sincere hope that if you read this man’s story, you will be moved in your heart to help him out. I know this guy personally and his need and this fund sharing account are legit. I pray this post reaches MILLIONS of generous people AND people who need to be inspired because if this guy’s testimony doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to David. David Price Robinson is a self-proclaimed fat man on a mission. His mission is to return to a condition of health. He began this journey July 1, 2016 and has since lost 130 lbs!!! Not only has he lost a tremendous amount of weight, he has become a runner…against all odds. Well, the odds may be against him, but God is for him and is strengthening him on this AH-MAZ-ING journey. Here is David’s before and after pictures along with his story.

“My name is David Price Robinson and I am a Fat Man on a Mission.  That mission is to return to a condition of health. The picture above is a before/after from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016. You can see more of my story on my FB page .
I began the journey after a moment of truth and shocking clarity. At nearly 500#s, I realized that I either had to change, or die. I had too much to live for…my son was getting married in a year, my daughter (that’s her in the blue tank top to my left) was just beginning life and my wife is simply too awesome to leave behind.
I began my journey by walking in my backyard, above ground pool…the only way I could move at that point without extreme pain and effort. I built up my endurance and mobility in that pool and determined to enter my first 5K.
That was 1 year, 15 races, and about 130#s ago. I am not kidding myself, I still have a long way to go. But with hard work, determination and the continued support of my friends, family, and my Coach (the tall lady in the blue tank to my right) I will make it. For those wondering, I have used the combination of walking, good nutrition, a GREAT coach and support network, and Advocare products to get this far.
Now, here’s your part!
If you have ever watched a balloon deflate, you know how saggy and misshapen it becomes. Well, now, instead of a balloon, think belly. As my weight has dropped, so has my abdomen…creating what is known euphemistically as a “fat apron” or, medically, as a Pannus.
My pannus is now down to about mid-thigh. It’s basically just excess skin and tissue. So no amount of additional weight loss will help and I am past the age where my skin elasticity will pull it back into shape.
The problem is that I am once again experiencing difficulty moving freely as my gut serves as a barrier to moving my legs properly.  Hygiene becomes an issue and my skin stays in various stages of breakdown with perpetual infections.  Additionally, clothing is becoming a challenge.
I want to continue to lose weight; I want to continue walking and hopefully one day, run!  I want to get back into backpacking and canoeing, day hiking, and generally being active.  Mostly I want to be around for my family and one day to be able to actively play with my grandkids.                                                     
This is NOT a tummy-tuck or a cosmetic procedure, this is a needed surgery for the purposes of health, hygiene, and mobility.
There is a surgery to take care of this – a panniculectomy, but it is costly and my insurance refuses to cover it. I do work. But the money I earn providing services for the mentally and physically challenged in my community is minimal, at best. My wife and I simply cannot afford this surgery without you.
My goal is to raise 20-thousand dollars to cover the cost of surgery, recovery, and the time I will miss from work. That may take a while to raise, but that is okay, I still have more weight to lose before I am an ideal candidate for the procedure.
Please consider helping me with your donation of any size.  If you help, I promise to #nevereverquit.

Sincerely, Fat Man on a Mission (David Price Robinson)”

I attend church with David and last year I had the honor is walking in a 5k with him. I plan to do so again this year. My heart swells with pride for him. It is such an honor to know such an inspring and determined champion. The scripture he clung and repeated during that 5k was Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, seeing we also are compassed about by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us”. It was a privilege to be counted among that cloud of witnesses. 

Just in case you missed the other links earlier in this post, here it is again for those who wish to and feel led to help David get the surgery he needs. I pray you are abundantly blessed by your generosity.
I encourage you to follow David on Facebook as he keeps everyone updated on his progress.

David, this is my prayer for you:

Most Gracious and Kind Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the strength and determination you provide 
for David everyday and thank you for the privilege of knowing him.
Lord I pray you move in hearts and through the generosity of others,
make provision for this much needed surgery and bless those who
give exceeding abundantly beyond anything they could ever ask or imagine.
Father I ask that you continue to bless David on this journey and use his 
testimony to encourage other to care for their temple’s and to your Glory.
Please bless Nikki and all those closest to him as well.
In Jesus’ name,

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