My Little Monograms – be still my southern heart!!!

Oh!!! Ladies!!! If there is anything I love it’s a monogram…especially if it’s affordable!!! I have discovered this little gem of a store so you know I must share it. This girl has EVERYTHING and her prices are UNREAL!!! I mean come on…a stainless steel tumbler ( Yeti, RTIC, Ozark…etc) decal for $5?!?!?!? SOLD!!! Why yes…I am in love with this chevron Power T with monogram pictured here and yes I will have one.

If you’ve been wanting one of these stainless steel tumblers but haven’t gotten one yet, you can also buy the cup and decal here for a mere $20. You can’t beat that with a stick!!!

 Y’all this girl can monogram just about anything!!!

Do yourself a favor and check this site out. You can thank me later.


Hey y'all, I'm Heather!!! I'm a sassy, southern Jesus lover who is on a journey of faith and wellness. I love nature, mason jars, sackcloth quilts, flannel, and coffee. I love to make wooden signs, read, and decorate. I workout because I have to. My hashtag should be #iwouldratherbesleeping.

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