How I quit smoking for good!!!

I’m sure someone reading is expecting medication, hypnosis, meditation, nicotine replacement, etc. but that isn’t how it happened. I love having the opportunity to testify to the goodness and greatness of God!!! 
I have been waiting for a while to do this post but I wanted it to be today, July 13th 2016, because today makes one year since I quit smoking and became FREE from nicotine. I stress the word free because that is exactly what happened in a moment. I was set free from the bondage of smoking. 
Here is how it went down:
I had been trying to quit smoking for a solid year…and failing for a solid year…in my own strength. No matter how determined I was to quit, I just couldn’t seem to stop!!! I would feel panicky and irritable at the thoughts of quitting but I knew it was wrong so it had to happen. I knew that I was killing myself, I knew that God wouldn’t let me be tempted beyond what I could stand, I knew that I wasn’t supposed to make provision for my flesh but it seemed like my craving for a cigarette would override any good sense, then I would smoke one, then I would feel like a complete and total guilty failure. It was never ending and totally miserable…until July 13th 2015.
 I got up that morning and smoked my last cigarette in that pack. I didn’t stop on the way to work to get any. I don’t remember why I didn’t. We were really broke then so maybe I didn’t have any money, maybe I was running late, I just remember that I didn’t stop. I remember thinking about it at work that morning. I remember thinking about how I was sick and tired of being controlled by my flesh. I was so tired of knowing that I needed to have my flesh in subjection to my spirit but constantly giving into my flesh. I was not very happy with myself. I remember, going out to the warehouse for something and as I came back in the office, I remember stopping in front of a thermostat in the hall and being overwhelmed by the presence of God. He seemed so BIG!!!! It was like He was standing right in front with his arms spread and leaned forward a little. He said to me in that moment “Heather!!! Who’s bigger? Me or that cigarette?” and when the Lord asks you that question, you say “well since you put it that way”, and I went and sat down at my desk and realized in that moment that I would never smoke another cigarette again as long as I live. When God cuts a yoke, when God tears down a stronghold in your life, it’s a done deal I couldn’t smoke a cigarette now even if I wanted to, 
That’s it. 
It was finished.
In a moment, it was done.
After a solid year of trying to quit on my own, God took it from me in a moment.
I had to share this story. It is my hope that if there is someone reading this and you are struggling to do something in your own strength, let God get in the boat because when he does it, that’s it, it is finished.
No matter what, please remember that God’s grace is sufficient and Jesus loves you so very much!!! Oh and as always, you’re beautiful 🙂
Love Always,

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