Non-toxic sunscreen

As promised (but a little bit late ), the results of my homemade, non-toxic sunscreen. My conclusion is that it works!! I am burned in spots but overall, the exposed areas that I applied the sunscreen to are not burned. I made the mistake of not reapplying. Even with store bought sunscreens, you have to reapply and I didn’t. I was outside for long stretches of time from 2:30ish until dark.
The reason for this experiment was to find out if carrot seed oil is in fact a safe and effective alternative to the highly toxic commercial sunscreens. God has really been convicting me lately about what I put in His temple (that’s me…and you too if you’re born again). He has asked me why I would put something in His temple if I know it’s bad for it. When God impresses something on you like that, you better act if you want peace. Anyway, I have set out to detoxify my body and home. I will be posting many things regarding this change but for now it’s the sunscreen.
The recipe I used is:
2 tbsp coconut oil (this is my carrier oil)
20 drops of carrot seed essential oil
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10 drops of lavender essential oil
I just mixed it up and rubbed it on. I think I’m going to get some red raspberry essential oil and substitute it for the lavender soon though.
Coconut oil has an SPF of 4 which isn’t high but it’s extra protection.
Carrot seed oil has an SPF of 38-40
Red Raspberry has an SPF 28-50
Please keep in mind that these are all oils and not water/sweat proof so it will need to be applied frequently to keep from burning. That’s where I messed up. I wonder if beeswax would make it waterproof?
Now for the deodorant. I used a tablespoon of coconut oil and like 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. This also worked pretty good but y’all, I put these products through a serious test!!! It was soooo hot today and I worked outside in direct sunlight for a long time. I was a little ripe by the time I got done but I’m pretty sure I would have been ripe after all of that with store bought deodorant too. A word of caution though – that tea tree oil is STRONG!!! Wowza. I’m going to try it again tomorrow but reduce the amount of tea tree oil and add some baking soda.
I found out some scary stuff about the majority of store bought deodorants…they are linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer!!! They are cause our bodies to retain the toxins that God created our sweat glands to release. We are supposed to sweat!!!
So in conclusion, both DIY’s worked but the sunscreen needs to be applied frequently and I need to tweak the deodorant so the smell isn’t so overwhelming.
Remember you’re beautiful and Jesus loves YOU!!!
Love Always,

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