Gallon Water Challenge

Gallon Water Challenge

So I’ve decided to take the gallon water challenge. I am also doing 20 wall push-ups every time I go to the bathroom !!! My arms are going to be bangin’ soon lol.
Anyway, if you look at the markers on my jug you see the challenge is actually simple. I also find that a little flavoring makes it go down easier. Right now I’m using Great Value Tropical drink enhancer in pineapple, coconut and lime. Yum!!!!
Why do I need this much water you ask? To flush the toxins from your body!!! This is especially important if you are trying to lose weight. Did you know that toxins make fat cells grow? When you diet, your fat cells detoxify and therefore shrink. If the toxins aren’t flushed from the body, rebounding occurs meaning the toxins are reabsorbed by the fat cells. Talk about an exercise in futility!!! Yo that ain’t the kind of exercise you want in your life.
So do yourself a favor and drink up!!! You can dooo eeeet (channelling Rob Schneider in the Water Boy here).
Have a good day and remember you’re beautiful. Yeah you. I’m talking to you. You reading this: you’re beautiful. And God loves you a whole lot!!!
Love Always,

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