Easy and Cheap Lean, Green and Clean Lunch

Have you ever wanted to eat clean but get a little nervous about the cost of healthy food? So did I for a really long time but this salad is clean, lean and green and full of protein!! I am also a poet and didn’t know it. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!! 
Anyway, this salad has a bag of Aldi Garden Salad which is only $.69, 1/3 of a cucumber that I bought at Aldi for $.49, a can of tuna that Bryan bought and I have no idea where (probably Walmart) and is dressed with a homemade vinegarette that consists of about an 1/8 cup olive oil, 1/8 cup red wine vinegar, about a teaspoon of Great Value Lemon Pepper and sprinkle of salt. 
Y’all this salad is not only delicious but is healthy, lean, green and clean!!!

About Heather

Hey y’all, I’m Heather!!! I’m a sassy, southern Jesus lover who is on a journey of faith and wellness. I love nature, mason jars, sackcloth quilts, flannel, and coffee. I love to make wooden signs, read, and decorate. I workout because I have to. My hashtag should be #iwouldratherbesleeping.

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