Why drawing closer to the Lord SHOULDN’T be a New Year’s resolution

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions today and my mind veered off to drawing closer to the Lord.

So many times, I’ve seen or heard people say that their New Year’s resolution is to deepen their walk with the Lord. I’ve done this myself many times. Today it hit me that that is a horrible New Year’s resolution.

Now, before you go off thinking that I don’t recommend trying to draw closer to the Lord, hear me out.

Why on earth would you wait until the new year to deepen your walk with the Lord? The time for that resolution is NOW. Not next year. Not next month. Not not week. Now. Today. This hour. This minute.

I am so glad that He convicted me of this among other things. It was one of those “other” things that has become my New Years resolution. My New Years resolution is to become a better home maker. I suck at being a home maker. My organizational skills are awful and I never throw anything away. That mess comes to an end. Starting….NOW. Nope, I’m not waiting until the New Year to get started. Operation Purge is underway. I am going to become the Organization Queen even if it takes me all year to do it.

So what are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Leave me a comment on Facebook because I could probably use the inspiration lol.

Always remember that You. Are. Beautiful!!!

Love Always,


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