Talkin bout my best fraaannnsssss….

Y’all, can I just brag for a minute? I’ve been thinking today about 2 people in my life that mean a whooolllleeeee lot to me. Allow me to introduce you to Brandy Lynn Wolfe and Cassie Nicole Ervin. I have several very special gal pals in my life but these 2 are my persons. I love these girls dearly. Our relationships go beyond friendship. I’m not sure what to call it. These are the girls I call about EVERYTHING!!! As a matter of fact, since my back has been totally jacked up, I have been at both of their homes for “treatment”. It’s not unusual for me to fall asleep at either of their homes. It’s not unusual for me to grab a drink out of their fridge (or a pickle…or cake…). I wish I could think of all of their best attributes but they are so amazing that I would have to write a book on each one to do them justice. I just wanted to publicly recognize them for their top-notch fabulousness. They’re some real humdingers!!!

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