Intentionally blessed

Intentionally blessed

I never really thought I would do 2 blog posts in one day but I had to get this out of my head!!! I just got done praying and I was thanking God for all the ways he has blessed me and I was incredibly humbled. It hit me that our blessings are intentional!!! It’s not like God is just on the throne throwing out handfuls of blessing and we just stand around hoping to catch 1 or 2. He, our Heavenly Father, chooses how to bless us and in order for Him to do that, He must know us personally!!! I am close, personal friends with the Creator of this world!!! That is huge!!! I know these are things I knew but I guess it just really sank in. God knows ME!!! I’m not just another face in the multitude, He knows me personally. I get individualized blessings from Almighty God and I am in awe. Wow. I love it when this happens because let me just tell you something, there ain’t a person on the face of the earth that can’t have a relationship with God and receive these blessings. His precious Son saw to that on the Cross. If you are reading this and don’t know Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior but you would like to know more, PLEASE email me and I will call you.

Love Always,


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