Nothing to it but to do it…

Nothing to it but to do it…

I am the world’s worst talker. I can talk an idea to death and never get around to doing anything about it. Well, not anymore!!! A few Sundays ago, my pastor said something during a sermon that has really stuck with me – there is power in a made up mind. I was thinking about how many times I’ve wanted to do something and talked about it but never put actions to my words. I’m tired of life passing me by. I have 5 goals –

  1. Draw closer to God. This doesn’t just happen. It takes focus and effort on our part for this to happen. Studying the Word, spending time in prayer, being obedient. God said if we draw close to him, he will draw close to us.
  2. Strengthen my marriage. 1 and 2 go hand in hand. There’s been a lot of surrender to God in this area. I can’t really go in too deep here yet but I am trusting God for a seriously big work.
  3. Be a runner/improve my strength/lose weight. This takes some serious work, even when I don’t feel like it. There’s evenings when I just want to go home and go to bed. There’s days that I want a cheeseburger, pizza, candy bar and/or whole pack of cookies the size of my head but I will never crush these goals if I am constantly giving into temptation. I will not be honoring God with my body if I am always giving in (a whole separate post is coming on this topic soon).
  4. Motivate others and be a leader. I am a firm believer that more is caught than taught and that a person has to lead by example. I know that in order to accomplish this goal, I have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I have to study successful people, learn how to be an effective leader and then IMPLEMENT the principles I have learned.
  5. Get out of debt. Ok, this one is really tough and takes a lot of discipline. I feel like I am way behind the curve here. It’s just been recently that this has become a goal but I am sick of being in debt. I am sick of paying interest. I am sick of being strapped. I am sick of not being able to be as generous with others as I would like to be. I am sick of not being able to give like I would like to. So what do I do? Start a home based business (shameless Advocare plug) as a side job and start paying off loans. I have paid off 2 loans already this year and my next goal is my car.
Well those are my top 5 goals and I have made up my mind that I am going to work daily to meet them. I am sure that the 1,2 and 4 will always be there but only through action will I meet and/or surpass any of the others. I guess the purpose of this post is accountability and to motivate someone else to say enough is enough and just go crush their goals. 
Now go out and rock the rest of the day and remember that there is power in a made up mind!!!
(Oh and you’re beautiful) 
Love always,

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