Lovely is as lovely does…

Lovely is as lovely does…

Love is patient, love is kind

I was just sitting here eating lunch when I had a thought come to me. That’s one of the reasons I’m digging blogging; I have a forum to develop my thoughts when they strike.

Anyway, I was thinking about kindness and how alot of people act according to the way they are treated. I know there are some people who are going to be craptastic no matter how nice you are but open displays of kindness, friendliness and brotherly (or sisterly) love can change a person!!!

I was thinking about what would happen if people started being kind and considerate…ON PURPOSE!!!  What started this thought process was someone treating me like they like me. I felt well liked, I felt valued as a person and that made me feel good.

With me, thought processes are like snow balls, the bigger they get, the quicker they roll down hill. In about 30 seconds to a minute, I went from feeling valued to deciding to pick one person to make them feel valued to writing this blog to issuing a challenge. I challenge anyone who is reading this to pick a person and do whatever it takes to make that person feel valued.

Everyone needs to feel loved and valued!!! Here’s some ideas that hit me while I was writing this:

  • CALL (not text or email or facebook) that person just to say hey
  • Ask them what they think about something, make eye contact and LISTEN when they talk
  • Put down your phone when you have a conversation with someone ( I am soooo bad about that)
  • Smile with your whole face (you know what I mean)
  • Give a real hug
  • Offer genuine encouragement
I don’t think anything feels better than feeling genuinely loved and valued. I think that’s why Jesus said our greatest commandment is to love one another. It’s kind of hard to believe in the unconditional love of God if no one ever shows you love…
Well, lunch break is over and my oatmeal is cold and yucky now but I feel better and I hope someone reads this and says “Hey!! I’m going to go make someone feel good about their self right now” and I then they do it, and then that person does it, and then another person and then there’s all kinds of people feeling lifted up and loved. 
Go show people what the love of Christ is all about!!! 
If you are reading this, know I love you!!! HUGS
Love always,

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