Blessed beyond measure

Blessed beyond measure

Afternoon folks!!! I only have 20 minutes left on my lunch break so this is going to be a short one but I had an epiphany at work today – I am blessed beyond measure at work!!!

Sure, I could look at all the stuff that annoys me but today I have seen the blessings instead.

For example, if I need to get up and stretch my legs, I can walk out to the back dock or out the back door for a couple of minutes, take a few deep breathes and see the prettiest mountains!!!

My drive to work is gorgeous, my co-workers are the best, I wear yoga pants and can listen to either christian or christmas music all day while I work, I have a great relationship with my boss, I can go to the file room and pray if I need to, I can listen to sermons at my desk if I so choose and I actually LIKE my job.

For the most part, I actually enjoy the work I do. Those are things that money just can’t buy. I have days that I want to scream. Actually, I have days where I do scream. I throw fits.  I have days I want to dropkick my computer into the parking lot (ever seen the movie office space?). The point is that, even though I have bad days at work, the good SERIOUSLY outweighs the bad. Today I am thankful for my job and my work family.

Oh and if you are reading this…You’re beautiful 😉

Love Always,

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