A Journey Began

A Journey Began

Hey there!!!

If you are reading this, you have just unwittingly joined me on a journey that began in April of 2014 and I have chosen to share my journey with you!!! This is a journey of mental, spiritual and physical fitness.

First things first, I would like to introduce my self. My name is Heather Honto, I am swiftly approaching 36 and I am a daughter of the King. By day I am an EDI Coordinator and by night, I am an aspiring health and fitness coach and Advocare distributor. I am married with a pitbull named Isabelle. The husband shall remain nameless until he gets over his hatred of social media.

Anyway, my journey began right after Easter 2014 when I finally had the nervous breakdown that had been pending for years.

I know that sounds like a horrible way to start a journey but God knows what he’s doing and it actually ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

You see, when it happened, I was broken. Completely and utterly broken but there is a beauty to being broken.

When you are broken and your life is in pieces, you are in the perfect position for God to put you back together the way He wants you to be!!! He has done such an amazing work in me in the last 19 months.

When I began this journey, I was a prideful, whiny, lazy, ambitionless snot who felt like the world owed her something. I didn’t understand that at the time but God did and boy have things changed since that fateful Tuesday in April!!! Well, this is turning into a rather lengthy post and I just realized that there’s no way that I can get everything into one post so friends…To Be Continued…

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